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Gematrinator NX - Gematria Calculator is an online numerology tool that helps you determine the meaning of a term or expression in gematria.

You can use the search function to find for your names or any word using the internet best gematria calculator will determine your Gematria value.


What is Gematria

Gematria, also known as gematria, is a method of assigning numbers to a term or phrase, based on the conviction that phrases or words that have similar numerical values share an underlying relationship to one another.

Gematria is an Jewish type of numerology where all the alphabetic letters in the Hebrew alphabet are replaced with numbers in the same order. The initial 10 letters are assigned number values that are consecutively increased between 1 and 10.

The following eight letters are assigned numbers which increase by a factor of ten between 20 and 90. The last four letters are assigned numbers with values which increase by a factor of one hundred , ranging from 100-400.

It is the process of explaining the meaning of a word or group of words based on the numerical significance of letters, or substituting letters from other alphabets of the alphabet to replace them according to an established system.

In gematria, every Hebrew word is represented as the number (for instance aleph = 1, bet = 2 and so on.). Then, one can determine the number of words by adding the value of each letter.

Significance of Gematria?

The term "gematria" is generally held to be derived in Greek geometria "geometry", which was used as a translation for gematriya.

The most well-known instance for Gematria comes from that of the Hebrew phrase Chai - "life", that is made up of two letters, which total 18 letters. This makes 18 an "lucky number" among Jews and gifts of multiples of 18 are quite common in Jews.

But, gematria is vital to Kabbalah as a Jewish spiritual tradition. The foundation of the Kabbalistic cosmological system is based on the notion of God made the world with the power of Hebrew letters, as well as their numerical significance.

Through time, many people held that the Torah holds secrets that can be revealed through gematria as well as used for predicting future events. This belief persists until today, which was established by the Michael Drasin's bestseller (and highly critiqued) The Bible Code, released in 1997.

Certain Hasidic communities that are engrossed into the study of Kabbalistic texts consider that the Torah when read using the lenses of gematria provides clues to the current state of affairs.

How to use Gematrinator NX - Gematria Calculator - How to calculate gematria

1. Enter your name or any other phrase to find Gematria value.

2. Please select method by which you want to calculate Gematria value

3. Click on Calculate Gematria button

4. After button click system will display Gematria value as per the calculation method selected.

How Gematrinator NX - Gematria Calculator Works?

Gematria Calculator refers Gematria numerology table chart, where characters of the alphabet can be replaced by numbers that are corresponding to them.

Gematria Calculator determines Gematria value using English Jewish Gematria calculation, Gematria calculation, Simple Gematria Calculations

Jewish Gematria Calculation

This hebrew gematria calculator and jewish gematria are also called as gimatria. Please refer below Jewish Gematria Table which has alphabets with value.

# Alphabet Value

English Gematria Calculation

The code is based on the traditional English alphabet, which has 24 letters. It is well-known , and its usage has been documented to the time of the medieval era.

Please refer below English Gematria which has English alphabets with value.

Gematria Chart

# Alphabet Value

Simple Gematria Calculator

Gematria operates on the assumption that the alphabetic letters can also be used to represent numbers. Therefore, words and phrases can acquire distinct numerical value. Simple Gematria Calculator works by allocating 1-24 numbers to alphabet A-Z

Gematria Chart

# Alphabet Value